Spotlight - search by size is sloooow!


Anyone experiencing this? I've googled all over for it, and found nothing yet.

Normally Spotlight is pretty fast on my G4 867. Searching from the menubar is just a mater of a couple seconds, as is going through Apple-F. However...

If I go to one of the Apple-F constraint drop-downs, select file size, and, say, search for files that are "over 10 MB," my search takes over three minutes!

This leads me to wonder:

Isn't file size part of the index that Spotlight compiles? It feels like it's searching for file size the old fashioned way, looking through every directory rather than throuh a compact, optimized index. Heck, this should be even faster than searching for text, as it's a simple numeric value attached to each file's entry and thus its portion of the index should be much faster to look through than fulltext.

Any thoughts? Does it do the same thing for you?
I never noticed it before, but yes, it's that way for me, too. It's just like old Sherlock searching: slooooow. Strange. :confused:

I'm not sure if this is a bug (i.e., Spotlight's not looking in its index when it should be) or glaring oversight (i.e., Apple didn't think to include file size in its indexes to begin with). Either way, it's really not cool.....
garg! it's bringing my computer to it's knees. it seems that the higher the value you set it to search, the more ridiculous it gets. the fans are blowing really hard at the moment searching 10gb+ file

PS it found nothing...