Spring-loaded folders...MIA?


Hey folks,

I've been playing around with a version of OS X 10.0.4 at my college for a little while, and everything looks cool, except for the fact that when I drag something over a folder...nothing happens. It doesn't pop open for me like under OS 9. I frantically searched the system prefs, but couldn't find an option to enable spring-loaded folders...so what's the deal? that was the best thing (along with folder tabs) about file management under 9. did they really ditch it under X? Just curious,


PS: moo.
I think they did away with the spring loaded folders because in OSX you can use "column view" to move files to other directories and its much faster. If you MUST have spring loaded folders in OSX your best bet would be to visit the Apple website and post your feedback on OSX for a suggestion to add them.
From what I've heard, Apple has no plans at all for bring Spring Loaded folders to X in _any_ updates (I'm very disappointed, myself). Despite this, I garuntee that a third party will bring them to X (or bring something even better ;) ).