Spring loaded folders


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does anyone know how to get spring loaded folders on osx? or is that coming on 10.1?

Also, OS X can put itself to sleep but cant wake up, whats with that? 9.1 can (same startup/shutdown)

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In OS 8-9, you can drag an icon to a folder (or do a click and a half), hold it there, and after a second or two the window for the folder opens up. You can navigate quite easily and deeply this way. Unfortunately, I think Apple has no plans to add it back to OS X anytime soon.


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ah ... okay, yeah, that's an extremely useful function in the old os's ...
as i usually use column view i hadn't really even noticed that it's missing ...
thanks for the info ... :)

Red Phoenix

That's why I doubt Apple will add it back in. The new Finder does not have the "to every folder a window" design that the old one did, and so it doesn't really fit anymore.


Funny, column view is the thing that makes me miss Spring-Loaded Folders the most. Especially now with the little triangles to go with folders it'd be great if you could just drag a file over the triangle and descend into that folder. Column view already does side-scrolling if you drag a file towards the edges, so moving a file towards the root in a heirarchy is a snap, but moving it to a different branch just can't be done with a single window. I sure hope SLF will still appear in some future version, band-aids like toolbar scripts to open two windows just doesn't cut it for me.


I know it's not very Mac-like, but... you can copy(Command+C) and paste(Command+V) files and folders in the Finder in OS X 10.1. Probably already knew that, though.


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Bring 'em back goddamit:mad:

I used ta'love waving my folders over my hard drive icons on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Now I have to get up off my backside and actually open disk icons and folders! :mad:

Isn't 10.1 great though:D