Spyware-like Problems - Help!


When I connected my powerbook to the network at my work (comcast cable), I noticed some strange spyware-like problems happening. For instance, when I tried to access some familiar sites in any internet browser, i would often be directed to strange places - buydomains.com, internet search sites, sites to buy flights in the uk.

Anyway, I figured it wasn't my computer - but, even when I took my computer home and reconnected to my usual problem-free network, a few strange problems remained.

For instance, the BBC news site inexplicably now no longer displays the red header on my computer, as it does on every other computer (and did just a few days ago on my own). I put a screenshot here: http://www.scottthiessen.com/macosxhelp/bbc_news_strange.png

Also, I noticed that some of the javascript on my own site is completely ignored. A simple pop-up javascript in an < a > tag, which works fine on every other computer (and worked fine on my computer just days ago) now seems to have disappeared in the source code. When I view the source of the page, that portion of the code turned into a bunch of blank spaces. When I check the source by downloading the file via ftp, the code is in tact.

Anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
Check the Javascript settings and make sure they didn't get disabled.

As for theweird sites mentioned earlier in your posts, are you sure you didn't mispell the site? Sometimes sites like these take advantage of misspellings in order to take you to their site which on a Windows PC might force the install of a spyware app. I once accidentally misspelled "microsoft.com" and type "micrososft.com" and was sent to that familiar spyware/adware site that looks like a search engine with a diamond shaped road sign (I'm sure you've all seen it once in a while). For now, you needn't worry about spyware on the Mac. As far as I know, it doesn't exist thanks to the UNIX nature of the operating system. The only way you can actually truly do some damage is if you are "root" which on the Mac is always disabled.

As for that missing red bar, I went to the site using my Windows computer and I got the following view shown in the attachment. It looks as though maybe the site was undergoing some changes, which explains why your title is different than mine.

Have you tried using a different browser to see if it's just Safari or if it's the system as a whole?


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Come now - of course I checked my spelling and made sure javascript was turned on. No, the BBC News page is not undergoing changes - the screenshot you just attached shows that the site indeed should have the red header on it - but it's for some reason not even showing up - in addition to javascript on my own site, where I know I have not changed anything. And, yes, like I said - it's doing this in any internet browser I use.

An update with this problem - it also doesn't matter which user I am logged into, even the root user. All users, all browsers.

Take a look at the attachment - the bottom text file what I get when I view the source of one of my site's pages on my computer. Then, the top is what I get when I upload that file and view the source on the net.

I know it's not my hosting service or anything, because the same thing is happening on other sites!

Does anyone know what this could be??


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