ssh gets garbled


mach-o mach-o man
Sometimes, when I accidently cat a binary file, a ssh session will go nuts on me. The bash prompt, alonge with anything I type looks like another language or something. Here's an example:

[mach:/Users/liggett] root#
[mach:/Users/liggett] root#
[mach:/Users/liggett] root#
[mach:/Users/liggett] root#
well, thats interesting - in MacSSH PPC, it looks garbled, but its fine when I past it in here.

I've seen this on other dists before, such as intel redhat, and I can never remember how to get things back to normal (other than logging out and logging back in). I know its something like echo /e3 or something. Thanks.

PS: Here's a screen shot:
Usually using 'reset' should clear most of that out...note that when the font is garbled, you have to trust what you type, as you (obviously) won't be able to read it.

Of course, not cat'ing a binary file helps to avoid it too. If you're not sure, do a 'file filename' first.
well, reset doesn't seam to do it for me.

But thanks for the 'file' tip. That is a nice utility.

for example, ssh (or telnet, I imagine it would work) to your mac, type cat /bin/csh .
True, a stupid thing to do, you are right, but sometimes, you mess up.