ssh & VNC problems w/Leopard


Having trouble getting in with Transmit and CVNC.

This all worked fine under Tiger, so I'm sure I'm missing a setting somewhere.
But what?

Transmit goes a minute or so then says "Permission denied".
CVNC spins until I force quit.

In Security and Sharing I've allowed, printer (for my spouse), ssh and Remote Management/ARD.

For ssh I've only allowed me.

For Remote Management (same as VNC and ARD?) I've allowed only me.
Under settings I've checked VNC users control screen and entered a pw.
Under options, I've checked, Observe, Control, Open, Delete, and Restart.

I've crosschecked the local IP with what I've configured in the router and the ports haven't changed, ssh 22, CVNC 5900.

Although my IP is Dynamic, it never changes.

No odd 3rd party apps installed like APE's or Instant Hijacks.

hmmmmmm, might this be a sleeping computer issue?
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I finally got CVNC working, but I'm still getting permission denied when trying to access sFTP with Transmit 3.5.6.
I have enabled an SSH TCP port 22 forward on my router firewall.
Sharing Prefs - remote login and remote management enabled just for my user acct.
In Security/Firewall - access for specific services and apps, SSH and ARP are listed.
But it ain't happening, which says to me I'm still missing a setting or settings there.

Ideas, answers and just give up welcome.


just figured it out.
Apparently when I clean installed to Leo at office, the RSA changed.
I made visible the .ssh on my client machine (user/.ssh/) and deleted "known_hosts" from the folder.
Made files invisible again.
ssh via Transmit to the home office. Baddy bing!