Does OSX have an SSH telnet client or a shell command like SSH, which is in most linux distribs that ive seen??
SSH was included (but not activated) in the Public Beta; it appears to have been removed from later builds (export restrictions?). However, OpenSSH is easily installed and there are good instructions on for doing so.

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SSH was included (but not activated) in the Public Beta;
i was poking around the public beta tis morning and when i was reading the sshd_config file i noticed that by default root was allowed to login remotely....i very quickly su'd to root, changed it to no, saved, and exited...i just dont' like the idea that root could come in at all for some reason..

Or you can get the update to 4L5 which includes ssh among other things. Search this forum for 4L5 for more info.
ssh - Secure SHell - like telnet (and rlogin and rsh), is a way to log on to a remote host and execute commands on it. Unlike telnet - where usernames and passwords are sent in clear text and are exposed to anyone running a packet sniffer on the network, ssh, encrypts all communication between you and the remote host - thus ensuring privacy. ssh also uses public keys for identification - to ensure that you are who you say you are, and the remote host is who it says it is - thus ensuring authenticity.

To use ssh, the remote host must be running sshd (the ssh daemon) and you would use ssh instead of telnet. (you also need to set up your public- and private- keys before hand - but I won't go into that)