sshd and 10.1


Back when 10.0.0 came out, I downloaded and built ssh/sshd from the openssh source because it didn't come with 10.0.0. I read from somewhere on this list of how to start the sshd daemon when the machine boots. I remember that it's different than any other UNIX system on earth, but I lost the instructions.

The 10.1 update has clobbered my old ssh/sshd settings and got rid of whatever little script I was using to start sshd. Does anybody know how to start sshd when the machine boots?

Turning on "remote login" in the sharing preferences should work just fine... unless im missing something here. I know that ssh didnt come with 10.0, but it has been there since 10.0.1... and if you have it turned on in sharing, it should start up automatically...

I had even installed my own ssh back in the 10.0.0 days, and then upgrading to 10.0.1 it still worked fine (including auto start up).
Ah, you're right. Under 10.0.0, the remote login option enabled telnetd, so I mentally filed that under "never need to look there again." With 10.0.1, they made everything sane.