SSL Configuration (plus other simple questions)



I have never used Mac OS X Server, although I am thinking about buying one for web hosting, as I prefer to use Macintosh (obviously). I have used macintoshes for about 8 years and I don't feel comfortable delving into the world of Windows Servers.

I am wondering if it is hard to use SSL on the mac, and wondering if anyone has tried it. I know you must get a digital certificate from VeriSign or one of the other companies, but I'd like to know more. For example, how to use it, and if I only have to get one license or whatever... any info would be great.

Also, is it easy to set up multiple websites on the same server? I know of the Windows NT server at work, and it uses Host Headers to determine which website to use. Does Mac OS X Server work like this?

Also, how good is the mail feature? What sort of options does it have?

Thanks in advance,