Stacked icons on the desktop

Ustaaz Raagil

Wondering if I'm the only one this is happening to...

When i download files to my desktop (which i have set to Arrange by Kind), the icons stack up on top of one another instead of playing nice and forming a neat column. So, I'm left with a heap of .sit files or whathaveyou just below my drives on the right side of the screen, neatly arranged atop one another. Frustrating. Can't tell what's on the bottom, difficult to grab 'em... often I must resort to using a finder window to get a list view of my home directory's desktop folder.
the same thing happens to me too sometimes.
after a restart, everything usually works fine again.

guess this is kinda built in desktop compression, so u will have more workspace left if all icons are on one big heap instead sprinkled all aound on the desktop :eek: :D