Stale NFS file handle * PROBLEM *


I'm coming from Sun/Solaris world, Mac Os is new for me. That's my trouble :
I've got NFS server (Solaris) export a resource and some Mac client mount this resources.
Sometimes I need to unshare it on Sun Server and after re-share it.
On Mac Client I find every time "Stale NFS file handle" and I can't resolve it !! Mac remount resource correctly only after a reboot !!
I need to know if someone can help me to resolve this problem, please.
Of course you are going to get stale NFS file handles if you do that!!!! Shows that NFS is working.

Try unmounting the resource first on the Mac side.

Alternatively....make your Solaris server reboot faster. The problem is that BSD is checking the NFS resource and not finding it on the network. You can make this work if the reboot is fast.

This isn't a Mac OS problem - it's an NFS mis-feature. We've seen it, for exactly the same reasons, on HP-UX, Linux and Solaris.

Rather than hard mounting you need to get the automounter working (something I've not bothered with as I have a portable).
Thanx, but sometime is impossible "run" to all clients and umount the resources... :p

I'd wished to find some tricks to use in some script and run it remotely...sigh. :)

Is possible change NFS timeout without using GUI ?
Where can I found *GOOD* documentation ? May you help me ?
I wish like to know if I *can* do anything without a GUI(or not)... I'm Mac Newbie :)

I take care of your council to use automount...


I wouldn't suggest that you run to all clients. I would say that you be a little careful about when you run your reboots or your share/unshares. Why do you change this? Maybe what you need to do is put your share higher up the file list?
Or maybe lower down the directory structure.

We reboot all of our servers once a month and our UNIX client machines with NFS shares therefore get stale file handles and require a reboot...which is why we use CRON to schedule them in as well.

As a rule our client machines get rebooted every Monday morning at about 05:00.

There's no such thing as a trick with UNIX. You just write the script and it doesn't automatically. Mac OS X is just UNIX under a nice GUI so you have the choice of what tools to use.
Sun is application server for mac client.
When I need to upgrade the release I need to unshare/share the resources.

Tools with beautiful GUI is the best way to managment few client; for more client is better use script ... :) :)

>Sun is application server for mac client.


>When I need to upgrade the release I need to unshare/share >the resources.


>Tools with beautiful GUI is the best way to managment few >client; for more client is better use script

Here's a hint. Before you unshare your resource, run a script that will log in to every machine and unmount the share. Do your work. then run a second script to remount the share.

Sun shares : /app/XXX but XXX is a soft-link of /PRG/XXX.v1.2.3.
Client-side (Mac) mounts SunServer:/app/XXX as /YYY.
When I upgrade the release of XXX I have to change the soft-link and run some procedure before clients use the new version.

yeah, before unshare resources on the server is better run a script that umounts /YYY on clients... can I be "trusted" on client-side ?
(...I know..I'm Lamez heheh)
As it is an NFS mount surely XXX gets updated on the client side?

so if you update the softlink on the server then it should update...
unless XXX is a directory...possibly...
No...that doesn't make sense

"trusted" on the client side?

Look up applescripts over TCP/IP and how they can be used with shell scripts. You *could* do the whole thing with shell scripts but...I prefer Applescript.

surely you have a trusted wheel account that can be used on the whole network? Do you use NIS?