Stalls at 'directory services'--help!!


Help me! My computer hangs at startup right when it gets to 'starting directory services'. I've reinstalled OS X several times and that gets it working temporarily, but then it flubs out on me again. I found the attached post on macaddict's forums, but I don't know how to do what he is describing. Can anyone explain it in a step-by-step manner to someone who doesn't know squat about UNIX?

Thanks so much in advance!

(here's this guy's wonderful little post):

I was able to get into the system and realiase that (I believe) my yp tables are messed up. Not positive about this cuz I'm not quite sure how nis works on MacOS X. However, I have nothing in my /var/yp directory other than "makefile.main" and "makefile.yp".. Of course, when Directory Services starts it is looking for "/var/yp/-YES-" with, I believe, all of it's maps. But Not positive..

Does anyone happen to have any other knowledge about nis on MacOSX and how I might recreate the tables that may be missing.

Hmm.. I just got in as my regular account. It appears then when I set "NISDOMAIN=-NO-" from "-YES-" that seemed to have solved the problem.. I don't recall setting it to YES (which may have started all of these problems).. Anyone know more about how nis is used under MacOS X??

Also, if somoene wouldn't mind going intto shell and checking /etc/hostconfig to see what your NISDOMAIN is set to as well as checking to see if you have other files in /var/yp other than the makefile's???