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If anybody really can't wait I was just at Staples & they had OSX for sale... since I'm already getting 2 copies, I refrained from indulging.

And the reason I was out in the first place, was I went to CompUSA (across the way in the mall from Staples) to get mounting screws for my HD (which came today) and they had one box sorta behind the counter, and the Apple section was pretty much torn down, all the Macs off... looks like they were getting ready for something big.

Oh yeah, the tech at CompUSA hooked me up with some screws too, even though he (said he) wasn't supposed to. Palmed them off in my hand with "don't tell anybody.."

I guess CompUSA rocks sometimes.
I to was able to purchase a version of OS X from Staples. I called around and found one that had it and was able to hold it for me until I picked it up. Guess they must not know or enforce any policy that requires them to hold of sales until the 24th.