Starcraft, Brood War coming to OS X!!!!

Hell yeah. Tank rushing while i compile in the back ground... nothing better!

Thank god Blizzard decided to listen to its users on this one. Oh and hopefully they will fix the problem with the victory screens with this update.
Heck, now I'll have to go and buy it. I just played my dad's copy whenever I was home.

There was another article I read that said Blizzard was aware that Starcraft had problems when played in Classic mode. Is the same true for Warcraft and Warcraft II? I stopped playing those when I got my Blue and White G3, because the scrolling was too fast. I would think playing in Classic might fix that problem...
I belive the latest patches fixed most of those problems. I have been playing war2 on my beige g3 333 for a while now on the latest patch and it seems to be working fine.
I'll have to update it, then. I checked Blizzard's site, and now I know why I never updated Warcraft II before: they still have released a stand-alone installer for it (according to that page, at least), and I've never played on
I got my OS X beta version of SC yesterday. That and a one leveled test beta of Warcraft 3. It's so much fun you guys!

*likes beta testing for Blizzard!*
I read an interview with a blizzard developer ages ago on where he said they would be X'ing all their games back to Starcraft. I'm glad to see they are doing it. BTW Trip, how does one (i.e. ME) get on the blizzard testing team? I used to beta test for Berkely's You Don't Know Jack back in the day...
I know for a fact that right now they don't need any more testers. But when they set up for a release of a new game you just write them a letter (snail mail) saying you are interested in becoming a all-time beta tester. If you're lucky they will write you back and welcome you with info. If you're unlucky they will write you back saying they don't like beta testers like you. :)
Yay! OS X Starcraft!!!!

Does anyone have any idea when the final release of the OS X patch will be?
Will it also Carbonise StarEdit?

I love Starcraft :)

Also, I can't find anything on Blizzard's site about OS X and their games etc? Am I just looking in the wrong places?

They've said now in "a month or two". I read that on either or just a week ago.
I don't know everything about it but I do now you can expect to see it big time around January! I havn't seen/heard anything about StarEdit too.