Starcraft Problems


:( I'm havin some problems with Starcraft. I used to have OS 9.2 and Starcraft ran perfectly on that then I got OS X.3 installed on my mac and I try to reinstall Starcraft on my mac but it opens up the classic Os and when its done opening up the old OS it shuts down and it says try to install from the disk and that is what I did. Anyone know a way to where I can get rid of the old os and install it on X.3 on my mac or a way to fix it without getting rid of the old OS I dont care how it is done jus as long as the problem is fixed. thank you.

Ryu or Dion
He is refering to is the OS X installer for SC. I found that my OS 9 apps won't work very well with 9.2 and I have to use 9.1. If you want to run it on OS 9, I think you might want to try reinstalling OS 9.1 instead of 9.2 if you still want to us OS 9.
There has always been a Mac OS version of Starcraft.
It's 3 years that Starcraft runs natively on Mac OS X.
It's two and a half years that Blizzard has provided Mac OS X users with a full OS X Starcraft installer (no need for Classic environment).
It's just days that Blizzard has released a new patch (1.13c) for this astounding game, demonstrating its commitment to its userbase.

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There IS a simple and wonderful answer to your question. Goto blizzard's technical support site and download the OS X native installer. It is located here or you can download it directly from this link. It is a 9.3 MB download, well worth it even on a 56k connection. Hope this solves your problem.