Hey everyone. I was walking down the hall of my dorm and saw someone playing starcraft. Looks like an awesome game. Anyone out there willing to give me the full version or know of somewhere I can get it. I am a broke college student and I can't wait for Christmas. Thanks ALOT, really
You can Email Me at
or just post a reply and I'll get back to you.
Starcraft is indeed an ace game. The Brood War expansion set for it makes it even better!
Unfortunately, Starcraft isn't carbonised, so won't run in X, but in Classic :(
Come on Blizzard!! We want an X version of Starcraft!! :)
Star Craft is an awsome game! But Blizzard hasn't released any plans to make a carbon copy of it just it's not all that great.
May I suggest going out and buyying the full copy of Starcraft at your local CompUSA or Mac store? It only costs around $20. :)
One of the best parts of StarCraft (or it was before BigGameHunters came out) is playing multiplayer on, and this requires you have actually bought the game because you need the CD key to be unique.

Also, a while back I wrote (snail mail) to blizzard and asked them to consider a carbon port of SC and BW, but I never recieved a reply. Also they haven't even released patch 1.10 yet (which hopefully will get rid of the fact that all the victory screens are now the Zerg screens), so who knows if, assuming they plan to make a carbon port or let some one do it for them, it will get worked on. I think all their effort is going to War3 and WoW right now, as even D2:LOD hasn't seen a patch in a while.

Which sucks, we need a Carbon SC