Staroffice for Mac OS X


Does anybody knows if there is a proposal for porting Staroffice for Mac OS X?

I grew old waiting for the plain Mac version... now how difficult would be for them to get it cocoazed?

it says under 'past ports' "Mac OS" ... Uh, is that true? I have never heard of it.

Does anyone have any recent news on Star Office being ported to OS X?
If it is ever ported I hope it isn't as bad a port as Word is. Word behaves like windows, for example when you press down it doesn't move to the end of the line, and when you select one line of text it selects the carriage return at the end which it should NOT do.

And no, these aren't covered in the prefs.

Using so many piss poor porting jobs like Mozilla makes me tentative about supporting future ports.

Do it right or don't bother.
Although it would be nice to have a Word alternative, I've never really thought that staroffice was very good. It is slow, unresponsive and the UI is horrid. For now I'll stick to emacs or rtf.
personally I prefer vi.... but thats not the point, sometimes we have to open/edit/save *.doc files and it would be nice to do that on OS X without having to spend $400 for M$ Office!!
There is a commandline utility called antiword, (available from either versiontracker or stepwise, I forget) which will convert a Word file to text or postscript. Not exactly ideal, but at least it will get the information into a readable form.
scruffy, hrm, sounds interesting.

You can use GhostScript to convert a postscript file to PDF.

Just thought I would throw that in there.