startup by holding OPTION


I'm 1/4 Basque you know?...
Does anyone know why i have 3 different options for startup when i hold down the option key at startup, when i have only two partitions. One with X and one with 9?

i get two drive options for X and I don't know which to choose? Is this a common bug or fo i have a problem. There doesn't seem to be a difference in the result of clicking either?...
I had that problem when I isntalled OSX on a UFS volume, then reformated the partition as HFS+ and reinstalled. My guess is some Open Firmware entry somewhere needs to be removed or something to that effect. It's perfectly harmeless- it's just that one of your bootup entries won't work (or maybe it will *shrug*.
I took your advice and reinstalled OSX into an HFS+ part. but now I get three startup options?

And I did as you said and disabled Automount at Startup but that means Startup Disk in 9 can't see, so i had to use the option startup key (where i found the anomaly). Then i booted from a CD again and rechecked the automount for X AND checked password protect, so family can see it but cant destroy it.

Well if i clicked on either of the OSX volumes at startup, the G4 kept on restarting for ever, with the Mac Chime, so i undid that!

Never mind?!
No, you were really helpful. It nows DOES run better in HFS+ and all is well. I didn't install the developer CD this time, I installed OSXOptimizer from and it has really sped up the whole system.

I love the Apple X thing though, Nice one.

Thank you for your advice and input testuser.