Startup Chime is Repeating


Hi there, please let me start by saying your website is great! I have learned so much already.

Now for the problem :)

I have a Dual (1GHz) G4 Quicksilver 2002-model and it was working fine for a few yrs. Two weeks ago it did not boot anymore, no sound, no video, nothing. The service company I bought it from diagnosed it to be the cpu module. In fact it was proven to be the cpu (it had a major burn mark around one of the chips).

I did not want to spend a ton of cash for a new dual module so I took the unit home and purchased a single 1GHz module by PowerLogix on my own. I've been in the hardware service business on the PC side of things for over 10 years so I figured how hard could it be to install a cpu. So...I popped the cpu in last night.

When I turn the power on, I now get the startup chime sound BUT the sound keeps repeating about every 3 seconds. Weird.

I actually have the service manual for this box and there is no reference to this problem (I only saw error beep codes in the manual).

I also unplugged the power, reset the PMU for 10 secs (as per your other help on this website) ...plugged it back in, and the same thing happens.

I have double checked and there are no jumper settings to set either.

Do you have ANY idea what could be causing this?

Thanks a lot!!!!