Startup delay - Time lost


Sometimes there is a strange Problem with MacOS X. I turn on my new G4 (Gigabit) and I see the Mac icon in the middle of the screen und the color wheel in the upper left part of the screen.
But the wheel is not spinning an nothing happens for about 2 minutes. Then suddenly the wheel starts spinning and the boot process works.
But when I log in, the time/date is wrong.
It's 1998, about 9 PM.

Is somebody out there who shares this problem, knows a solution or is this a hardware problem.

Some more infos:
Mac OS 9 is completely right, the problem is only when I use OS X.
Yes, I zapped the PRAM.
When I installed OS X, I doubleclicked the "Install
Mac OS X" icon, but the G4 didn't start with the CD-ROM. I had to press the "c" key to boot the Mac OS X Install CD-ROM.

I share the same problem on my iBook but i have no answer.

I also share the same freezing phenomenon when i try to open NetWork Accessory. If i open the console, i can see never ending timeout on the process lookupd. Killing it gives access to the NetWork Accessory but it is then impossible to login for changing parameters.

I've found that the global reaction of my IBook on OS X is worst since i changed my network parameters (i try a ppp connect that doesn't work on top!).

I sometimes encounter this problem aswell.
These days i simply hold 'v' on boot. And everything works fine. I like to see all the info scroll by, so i don't really mind
Hi again!

I pressed the 'v' key for verbose after switching my new G4/400 on. And then there were the boot messages instead the color wheel.

What did I see:

After the part:
Apple OHCI:config @ 7595000 (80082000)
Apple OHCI:config @ 7622000 (80081000)
There is the delay. It's 110 seconds waiting then there are more messages and the boot process continues with this:
struct ufsmode bloated (>256 Bytes)
Try reducing NFS_SMALLFH
nfs_nhinit:bad size 268
devfs enabled
IP packet filtering initialized
........ and so on.......

What do you think ?
A bug in MacOS X ?
A bug on the mainboard ?
A bug in Open Firmware ?
A bug in the whole new G4 line ?

Could you see the same messages, "The DJ" and "MILHE" ?
On my G4 400 (gigabit), I've the same pb.

Do you have 2 HD ?

I've heard that on macs with 2 ATA HD, OSX may have some trouble to boot...

Originally posted by deldongo
On my G4 400 (gigabit), I've the same pb.

Do you have 2 HD ?


Just the standard normal G4/400.
But I also tried another Harddisk, same problem.

The only modification is 256 MB RAM.

For the moment, the only solution I found is to hold option at startup and choose OSX.

Then, no boot delay nor date problem !


No effect with the option key.

O.K. I get the menu, but after that, there is the same delay. I pressed then many times the 'reset' button on my G4 and on the fifth boot process there was no delay. The date and time was also correct.

Very strange !!
Hi Klatuu,

When you press option at startup you should have the choice between OSX and OS9.

When I click on the arrow on the right, the boot process launches without delay.

Detail : I've a second HD on wich I've installed OSX.


P.S : even on beta stage, X is a great OS !