Startup disk issues


I installed Mac OS X on my Cube 450MHz 488MB RAM and 20 GB HD. The install went well and I started using the system. After a few hours of idle, the keyboard stops responding but everything else works. When I reboot, I get a flashing question mark. Did a reinstall and made sure that it boots into OS X. Again everything went fine. This morning, I got the same keyboard issue, restarted, hey, there is that question mark again, had to again reinstall. Anyone have this happen?

BTW, my keyboard is connected to a USB Hub, the only other thing on the hub is a Iomega ZipCD burner that I have not even attempted to use.

Any advise?

Try plugging your keyboard directly into the computer. I have heard of some usb hubs causing similar problems in some of the other builds.

Good luck,
Not truly defending Belkin, but I use one and it seems to work fine. But...I do recommend plugging the keyboard directly into the Mac as the optical mouse uses more power than some buses (even powered ones) are willing to direct.

Having said that, my system is just bit more complex and it still works.... I use the Iogear 4port miniview USB KVM (keyboard, mouse, monitor) switch as the main hub, with the Belkin as a daughter hub. There are three monitors, 1-G4 (AGP) Mac, 1-G3 (beige), 1-PowerTowerPro (G3 upgraded) with 1-HP Pavilion PC controlled by the Iogear switch with one Apple USB keyboard and one Logitech optical 4-button mouse. I also have the Palm Vx connected to the Mac via a Belkin USB-serial adapter (and connected to the Belkin USB hub); plus USB Zip drive and USB Epson printer. It's not so amazing that it works wonderfully, but that it works at all.

Keep in mind that most of that mess runs under OS 9. I'm still in the testing phase of OS X, but at least I'm sending you this via Explorer 5.1 under OS X....

Whew! And I wonder why I don't have a life :)
Just an FYI -

Using OS 9.1, I plugged my new Apple extended keyboard in to a Belkin USB hub, and it fried the keyboard. Same thing happened when I plugged in the optical mouse! Luckily, both were under warranty, but I just wanted to second the motion that you should never run your apple keyboard through a Belkin hub.