Startup Disk Problem


I have OSX PB installed on a G3 333 PowerBook. The only problem I really have right now is the startup disk in the control panel.

Choosing startup disk resulted in a crash of the program. It seemed to try to load and then just disappeared. So, I ran the OSX installer again and startup disk started working again and I was able to boot into OS9.

I've booted back into 9 and X a few times. Now, I just noticed that the problem has returned... so I won't be able to get back to 9 without reinstalling X again (I hope it works next time).

I have OS9 and OSX installed on the same partition. Trying to boot while holding down the option key just causes the machine to reboot over and over again.

I am going to reformat and partition the drive and install 9 and X on their own partitions to see if this helps.

So far though... OSX is very cool. Can't wait for more carbonized programs to appear.

This is just what I've heard but rumor has it that holding down the option key at startup won't let you choose which OS to boot into. I can't say how true this is because I don't have my copy of OS X yet (ahhheemmmmm... Apple?) but I know that the startup disk option should work. You download the latest version from apple's site?
Actually, if you are in OS 9 and need to go back into OS X, run the SYSTEM DISK application that comes in the OS X CD and select your OS X partition/disk from there. The start up disk control panel will do nothing for you in this case, in fact, like you found out, it'll crash.

I copied the System Disk app to my OS 9 desktop so that it's easily accessible.
My problems are gone.

I reformatted the hard drive on my Powerbook 333 G3. I created a 500 mb partition for 9, 1500mb for X and the rest in another partition for my 9 applications.

I am no longer getting crashes while accessing System Disk in X and I can switch to OS 9 by holding down the option key at startup.

OSX is very nice.
I have a similar problem. I have a B+W G3 and the computer restarts repeatedly if I hold the option key when starting up. I have reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled OS 9 and OS X on separate partitions, but the problem persists. I also find that the startup disk preference crashes under OS X, so I can't revert back to OS 9 without using a system disk