Startup Items


How would i go about finding out the system startup items? I use the tool to set my user startup items(what file does it modify?), but i would like to which file has the system startup ones(like /etc/rc.d on *NIX).
Reason why i ask, is because Office 2004 has a Database Daemon running which i would like to turn off - but i dont know where to start looking...
Thanks in advance
01. Most but not all 'System' level startup items are activated via the '/System/Library/StartupItems/' folder's folders UNIX executable files.

02. The 'Database Daemon' does not run as at startup item; but, when any Microsoft product [Excel, PowerPoint, and Word] is lauched. As long as one MS product is running the 'Database Daemon' will exist. Once all MS products are quit'ted, the 'Database Daemon' also quits.

You can verify the above by running 'Activity Monitor' ['/Applications/Utilities/'] and setting the popup menu to 'All Processes'. It would also help to sort by 'Process Name'.
Launch a MS product and quit it, then another, then the last one - viewing 'Activity Monitor' after each product launch and quit'ting.

However, if you are quite sure you do not want 'Database Daemon' to run, at all - for whatever reason ...
Quit all your MS products, go to your '/Microsoft Office 2004/Office/' folder. Locate 'Microsoft Database Daemon' and create an archive of it [right button click (or <option> single button click) and select 'Create Archive of "Microsoft Database Daemon"]. Once the archive is created, trash the 'Microsoft Database Daemon' file and empty the trash.
However, do not be too surprised if 'Excel' or 'PowerPoint' present an alert stating 'An unexpected error occurred while trying to load the Microsoft Framework library.', if you do prevent 'Database Daemon' from running.