Startup on 7300/G3


I have a PowerMac 7300 with a XLR8 G3 card (400 MHZ)
and have installed Mac OS X beta on my second
SCSI drive. I had the same difficulty some have
had in booting from the Mac OS X install CD
(I ended up launching the installer from Mac OS 9
installed on my first SCSI drive). I also had
the same issue with my ATI XCLAIM VR 128 (had to pull it)
and use the internal video.

I now have Mac OS X installed and running fine, but
I still have one problem which I have not been able
to isolate. When I attempt to boot from Mac OS 9
(on my primary SCSI drive) into Mac OS X (on my
second SCSI drive) the machine sometimes hangs when
mounting the 2nd drive. This seems to be intermitent?
I have tried to look into taking off the termination
on the 2nd drive, but this makes the boot process "freeze"
(spinning cursor froze). I can eventually get Mac OS X
to boot if I cycle the power off and then on again after
a few seconds of waiting. The only thing I can figure is
the Mac OS X likes to be installed on the primary drive
(IDE or SCSI) in this Beta? I believe I have been "faking"
into believing that Mac OS X is actually on the first
drive by having the SCSI termination on my second drive
(in addition to my primary). Mac OS 9 does not seem to
be as picky about this.