startup problems


Mac fan
I have a problem when i want to reboot in mac os x to 9.1
when i go to system prefernces startuo it doesnt let me choose one ot the two os.
waht i have to do
any solutions?
Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeee
i will be very happy
In your System Preferences -> Startup application in OS X, is the lock closed at the bottom left of the window?
yes it is locked but is in grey not in black and when i press it doesnt do anything
another idea?
thank you
You need to be logged in as an administrative user to be able to open the lock in Startup Disk to enable selecting your boot OS. Use the account you first setup after the OS X install. This account has administrative privileges.
also, even when logged in as admin, on occasion I have had to click the 'triangle' next to the volume name in order to list all the systems on that volume. Obviously this will only happen if you have more than one system on a given volume - I have one volume with only 9.1 and another with X and 9.1 'classic'
sorry, I was thinking of Startup Disk in 9.1...

Are you saying that in OS X's Startup Disk Pane you cannot select your 9.1 system?

If so, is your 9.1 system visible but you simply cannot select it or is it not even listed as an option? If it is listed and you cannot select it, try Klink's suggestion re: logging in with the name and pw you used to setup the machine, etc.

Otherwise... Off the top of my head... What kind of volumes do you have attached to your machine? I have seen the Startup Disk Pane take 'forever' looking for available systems on multiple and/or slower drives- this can make it seem like you cannot select a startup disk until it finishes its search at which point you can select whatever you want.

Also, have you tried holding down the option key while booting? This should allow you to select your boot OS. While this doesn't fix any problem you may or may not have with the Startup Disk Pane, it will allow you to get into 9 in the meantime.

Let me know if this helps. Maybe, Grab a screenshot of your Startup Disk Pane and send it to me or post here...

:confused: Strange thing this. Make sure you have Admin access or else click on the password and log in as an admin user. A good tip is to install 9.1 and X on different partitions. Then if you upgrade to startup disk 9.2.1 you will be able to choose X or 9.1 as startup partition if you press alt on startup.
I still having the same pronlem
i dont know what to do
i have the same problem in all my control panels they are all blocked
If you go into users which kind of system preferences->users do you have an admin user there is should say admin to the right of the login name.
Thanxs for your help but im still having the same problems.
first i change the password at he mac osx cd but the same problem persists, then i install all mac osx again and the same was happening.
im very mad i dont know what to do and here in my country the mac os x is very new so there is no people that can help me.
please if someone knows this problem or want to help i will be very appreciate.
thanxs again