Startup Screen Resolution Problem


Can anyone help me.

I am a Mac newbie who has bought a Mac Mini and have begun to learn the way of the Mac. Today when I fired up the Mac the apple boot screen and user login window was at a different resolution (maybe 640 X 480 or 800 x 600). When I login it reverts to its user specified of 1280 x 960. I have tried setting to automatically login to one account this does not change the problem. It still has the weird resolution for the boot screen and then the desktop until it stretches to fill the 1280 x 960. Dock and Mac HD icon are normal size.

Also, this maybe unrelated but I am having to wait before my wireless keyboard is recognised. I can't type my password in as soon as I see the login window.

Is this the place to seek answers or there another Mac forum that can help.

It is really bugging me so I would appreciate any help that you can provide.

Did you set up the monitor thru System Preferences? What type monitor do you have? Try setting it to 1024x768 and see what occurs.

On my Mac Mini I didn't install the software I simply hooked it up and went into System Preferences, keyboard and Mouse and let the Mac do the work.

Hope this helps and welcome to our world (Mac)