Startup scripts, PPTP, internet access in Classic


My french DSL ISP (dynamic IP) uses a Kro$oft protocol (much-hated by mac users) thats called PPTP or VPN (sort of tunneling) instead of DHCP. To get connected under X i had to compile pptp-darwin (with some tweaking) and set up ppp conf files manually. Each time i want to get online, i got to su root, load the ppp kernel extension, pptp to my modem, and change the routing to my using "route delete default" then "route add default ip-adress-i-just-got" (not very cool for background stuff like apache, software update and time sync). That means that the Networking system preferences are unuseable, and I guess these settings -that i cant change without rebooting- are passed to Classic :(

1) How can I have pptp started with OS X ? I'm looking for some boot script, but i dont know where the network is launched, and "where" to customize safely... I read in /etc/rc I'd better use a startup items folder. I wonder if they are talking about user's startup items; if so, that doesnt help me much…

2) How to set up networking prefs or something else so I can use classic internet apps ?
The error message says that my settings dont allow me to access subnets...

Routing tables
Destination        Gateway            Flags     Refs     Use     Netif Expire
default         UGSc       11       29     ppp0
10/24              link#2             UC          0        0      en0          0:50:e4:40:7f:4e   UHLW        0        0      lo0         0:90:d0:3:d3:b     UHLW        2     9921      en0    884          UH          9     4999      lo0     UH         10        0     ppp0

BlueG3/400/256/9GB SCSI/40 GB IDE :D
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