Startup twice!


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In a terminal window, su to root, then type SystemStarter. The startup progress bar will appear, and the output will be logged to your terminal. Neat!

SystemStarter -nd will run SystemStarter but won't actually do anything
It's probably not a very good idea to do that, unless you use the -nd option. SystemStarter doesn't check whether each service that is is starting up is already running, so you end up with two copies of a lot of servers and such. That is not a good situation, and can lead to files getting trampled.

Incidentally, do you know where the documentation for SystemStarter is? There is no man page for it...
Im pretty sure that apple will never include a man page about SystemStarter because it is just the interface between darwin and the aqua interface of osx

But anyways, the way to start back into x is just to exit when you are logged in the command line prompt.