Static Ip network question


I'm running a Belkin wireless G router and I'm trying to set it up for static ip with my ibookG4 which has an airport extreme card installed on it. I've been successfull setting up the network on DHCP. But would like to run the network on static ip and assign an ip to the mac address of the ibook so it never changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I think the way that you are thinking of still uses DHCP but IPs are bound to a MAC. YOu won't have to set anything up on the iBook, the only thing that needs to be configured is your router. However not all routers support this. Try looking through the DHCP part of your router to config to see if you can find it. I know Netgear and D-Link support it, I don't remember seeing it on my Motorolla or Linksys.
I'll take a shot at this. I'm new to Macs, but I just got my new iMac G5 to connect to my router (11b ) with a static IP address this way:

Go to System - Preferences - Network.
Select TCP/IP and set the Configure IPv4 to "Manually" then set the following:
IP Adress: [use the static IP address you want]
Subnet Mask: [I'd use the same subnet that the rest of your machines are on]
Router: [Use the local IP address of your router, not the WAN IP that your ISP may give you]
DNS Servers:[You should be able to find these from your router's login page, under something like "Status"]

That should do it. Sorry if things don't quite match your set up, since I've simply copied what works in my limited experience. For some reason, using the "Using DHCP with manual IP address" setting did not work for me, and I had to go whole hog into the "Manually" method.
Using netinfo on your dhcp server add a new directory to the /machines directory.
This new directory must be named the name of you DHCP client.
Add a property ip_address to this new directory and set it to the ip you want, and add a en_address property and set it to your client's MAC address.