static IP via wireless


Is it possible (and does anybody know how) to setup a wireless hub to provide static IPs? The IPs will be WAN assigned (not local IPs). I would like to do this using either Apple or other (dlink, linksys, etc) hardware -- whichever works.

I know a router doing DHCP can dynamically assign NAT'd IP addresses, but these need to be renewed. Perhaps, once it is assigned, there is a way to set an indefinite amount of time till renewal so it becomes permanent. Barring this, I'd suggest just manually set the IP of each computer so that it falls within the router's range of IP's. That way it is permanent. It would probably be easier doing the latter.

If you mean you truly want to use a hub connected to a Cable/DSL modem and not a router doing DHCP and NAT, then you probably can call the internet provider, tell them you are connecting a hub to their modem and purchase as many static IP's as you need from them. Their server will assign each machine on the hub a static, routable IP directly. The downside is, most internet providers by default give you one dynamic, routable IP. If you want this to be a static IP, you have to pay more. You must also pay more for more than 1 IP. You should call the internet provider and ask them how many IP's you get when you sign up and then ask how much extra it costs to get X number of static, routable IP's.

If you want a static address WAN side then you'll need to contact your ISP to see if they offer it, some don't like my ISP due to IP pool they only allow dynamic IP's. For the LAN side it depends on the router, like my updated D-link, the router set up to assign my Mac's airport card & ethernet to a certain static IP for use with the VNC system I have setup, even though the router is set to assign addresses normally. But it sounds like you need WAN side, so for that your ISP will tell you if it's possible or not.