Stem cell stuff


No worries!
Hey who supports stem cell research here? I do as long as they do their research on Quicksilver G4 dual 800 mhz 1gb ram apples! :p
The critics of such research, especially the research with aim to prolong life, have a valid point that we should not overpopulate the planet just for our own longevity, BUT....

I'm all for it. Not for greed, but for human interest. If we could prolong human life by 20 years per life, there should be a signifigant drop in lost knowledge due to death. The amount of info learned in a lifetime would increase, therefore increasing waht is passed on to future generations - perhaps enough to advance our overall knowledge greatly over a thousand years.
KNowledge is one thing, I just dont want any loved ones to suffer or die because some wack job says that a cell has a soul and is a person.... I bet those same people are the people that wake up in the morning and say "good morning Ms Butterfly...good morning Mr let me give you a big hug!" lol :p
I am against overpopulation, I wish people would take the outlook that you replace yourself (2kids) then if you want more there are tons of children out there that need good homes. As for the stem cell research thing, if they are going to be thrown away anyway how is it going to hurt anyone to cure alzhiemers (My grandfather in-law has it), or diabeties, or any other horrible disease that ail people. (Sorry I know I can't spell, thats why I program and I don't teach english). Cloning I feel is wrong not on moral issues but go back to the replace yourself, plus if you clone I believe you will eventual create sterility in your line, not enough outside influence to stimulate your cells.
LOL at sterility :p
I dont think people want to clone themselves AND have their clones be potent :p I can imagine court tv

Man: "Your honor! I want a divorce! My wife cheated on me with clones #1 #2 and #3!!!!!!"

lol :p