Steve Jobs Icons!


Hey! If you like Steve Jobs, and being at this site in the first place you probably do, then you won't not (will) wan't to download these Steve Jobs 128 bit icons I made last night at 2:00 AM. Here ya go!:D (Click the smiley face to download the icons)


Originally posted by sithious
hmmm ... the link didn't work... 'access denied...' and the site seems to be down ... shame.
why not send the icons in to xicons? then we'd be able to download them ...:)
Sorry. First of all, this link will work (hopefuly): Jobs Icons.sit-binhex.hqx (once the .hqx file expands, you have to open the file "Steve Jobs Icons.sit" to get the actual icons), and secondly I have sent them to, but when I was reading submiting them it said and I quote
Please understand that icon sets are not necessarily posted in the order in which they are received. All sets are kept on file and may be posted at any time. Don't be discouraged if your icons do not appear on the site immediately. They may be posted in the future.
So, hopefuly my icons will be posted up there soon.

PS. I'm working on a set of 23 "Weird Al' Yankovic Mac OS X icons. When I'm done I will submit them to and post them on


Just posting this so that this post can be at the top of the list.


Notice all of the pictures of "young Steve" is wearing white and in all of the post-deal-with-the-Microsoft ones he's wearing black?