Steve Jobs Threw A Camera

He tossed it to a "tech" to figure out wtf was wrong with it. I thought it was hilarious. Stupid Kodaks. He shoulda been usin' an Olympus. :)
poor steve, that wasnt the best of macworld expo's. Does anybody think Apple's sales will go down because of this?
I just got back from the expo, and i have to say what i saw paints a much brighter picture than the keynote did. The G4 towers, although ugly, pack a powerful punch, OS X was snappy and usable, even though they were running 10.0.4 . I was hoping to see a 10.1 demo on a machine other than a G4 tower, but the only two machines it existed on were 867 an 2x800 versions, so there is the possibility that bugs are just being blown away with raw power. Overall, and no joking here, 10.1 looks like everything that we've been looking for in these forums. I didn't get a chance to try the iMacs, but i assume that not much has changed with them, because, well, not much has changed with them....

I was overwhelmed with the amount of support the OS X is gaining, reguardless of the absence of 10.1, this expo was truly OS X's coming out party.

And steve will return, now he has the chance to surprrise us at any time with product announcements that never made it to the expo.

Oh yeah, yes, i know i keep adding things, but i had to add this, a G4 2x800 can push 30fps in itunes on a cinema display, no quality reduction, all on 10.0.4, just freakin amazing...can't wait until sept.
There are reports of people who used 10.1 on a PowerBook G4 Titanium at the expo, they say it _is_ faster. I don't think it's just raw power that made for the improvements we saw on stage. Those 1000 coders at Apple must have done _something_ since last March.