Steven Jobs will stepping down as CEO?

I'll believe that post when I believe the others on that site:

"MacGaming: Apple Buys Bungie From Microsoft, Announces iBox"

and this one really removes the veil of April Fools:

"Apple to purchase AMD"

All posts were dated April 1, 2001
I was completely shiznitted when I thought ResExcellence was being shut down. All your base are belong to April Fools Day!
AdmiralAK is stepping up as liutenent CEO Lol :p

(no one managed to fool me on april fools lol :p...any good jokes to share --> even though it IS off topic :p)
One of the palm sites I visit had an article about bill stopping M$'s production of the pocket pieceofshit and buying a Palm. It was on along with another 4/1 article.
I forget which of the Mac sites it was, but one of them had a new product release for a double wide G4 server with four processors and a bunch of other really cool sh!t... that had me right up until I remembered what day it was... but it was nice to believe in for a little while... hint, hint
LOL I once had a concept like that about the "new" line of macs...their code name was Phatty lol :)