Stickies Application: Data Disappeared When Upgrading 10.5 to 10.6

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Help gratefully appreciated here as I have some valuable notes accumulated over several years.

This relates to the Stickies Application, not the Widget of the same name.

Problem: Upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard. On opening Stickies am greeted by the Welcome page (ie all my 'stack' of stickies containing data is gone).

When I went back to Time Machine, the version it restored was 6.0 and I got a warning that the current OS wouldn't open it, so I "reverted" back to the "new" version (ie today), which presumably comes with 10.6.8

I went back to Time Machine and went to Preferences for the pre- OS upgrade "stickies.plist", restored it but this made no difference and the program still opens with the blank welcome page.

I'm praying that all my data must be sitting somewhere (on Time Machine) but I don't know where (and, by extension, how to restore it.) Of course, if it were stored on the widget version of Stickies I wouldn't have expected it to have been retained but I thought the Application was safe, even if the version had been updated.
my system 'Leopard' has a stickies database file located at "users/my user name/Library/StickiesDatabase"

more info:
just checked and this database file is at the same location on my laptop (10.6.8).

you should be able to locate it in your 10.5 TM backup and copy it to your 10.6 system.
good luck.
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Oh, that's incredible - thank you so much! I guess I must have just been fixated on the Preferences folder and didn't think to look anywhere else.
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