Stickies service launches OS9 version


For some unfathomable reason when I now use the "Make New Sticky Note" service OSX launches the OS9 Stickies app, not the OSX version. It used to work just fine with the OSX version.

Any ideas why? Since only Cocoa apps are supposed to be able to provide services I find this a little surprising. My guess is either something is goofed wherever OSX registers the service or that somehow the Type/Creator code for Stickies is set to the OS9 version. Any ideas how I can find out what is wrong and fix it?


No ideas?

I'm rather surprised that no one has offered up a suggestion on this. I've since tried renaming the OS9 stickies program and moving it (haven't deleted it yet). The fact that moving it doesn't help makes me think it's somehow related to type/creator codes but I'm really in the dark here so that's a guess. Anyone have any good suggestions?


The Late: SuperMacMod
Try trashing these files;
(here - user>library>caches>
(here - library>caches)
here - user>library-preferences

I would drag these files to a new folder on the desktop and leave them there and restart and see if it helps.


Where mah "any" keys at?
Find your OS X file (it may be missing the extension, but rest assured it still possesses it) and get info on it. Make sure that there is no option saying "Launch in Classic mode" (or something of the sort) checked. If this option is there and it's checked, uncheck it.