I know this is a minor problem, but please do help as I use Stickies all the time.

I found that my stickies would open and then close after some 5 seconds.

I searched your forum and deleted the stickies database/preferences and it seemed to open fine, opening the 3 prewritten stickies giving advice on how to use the programme. However, after it has opened these stickies, it becomes un responsive.

Even if I delete the database/preferences again, it goes back to this problem. Please help!

Try typing something on one stickie and save it. It might work in keeping them active.

And you can close out those 'info' stickies. Just keep the one you saved.
How easy is it to erase a whole big stickies note?
Silly stupid me had been keeping all my frequently used
numbers and passwords on a stickie.
Today we had the stickie up, highlighted a library account number
to copy and paste. While I was away my daughter went to
close the stickies and put "do not save" - now it is all gone.
The whole thing. Just a blank stickie comes up.
Grrrrr... lesson learned.... just last week I was thinking
I should print it out as a back-up.