Sticky/frozen Pointer


Hi --
I have been having a problem lately where my pointer tracks very choppily and every so often freezes in place. I can often unstick the pointer by unplugging and replugging-in either the mouse from the keyboard or the keyboard from one USB port to the other, of if neither of those work, plugging the mouse directly into the computer; but not always. About once or twice a day I have to restart the computer to get things moving again.

Occasionally I can keep typing when the pointer is frozen; the cursor is almost always still blinking, even when I can't keep typing. It sounds like the computer is still processing -- I can hear it crunching away and the screensaver comes on when it's supposed to.

It's like the computer is ignoring the input I'm trying to send it, or like it's 'hanging up' on me.

It does this in every application and not in any perceivable pattern.

I've repaired permissions and verified the disk. I've checked for corrupted preference files. I've searched Apple's knowledge base and googled the internet (which is how I found you, incidentally).

I really hope you can help!

Thanks very much,