Still too slow!



Despite the .01 update loading the simple help application still takes 28 seconds on my iBook DV. Nomatter how much I love 10's organization, feature set and looks - I cannot use an operating that has a visually delay typing in some applications.

When is Apple going to make X usable?

Yeah, I have tried all those :-(

Is it unusual for an iBook DV G3 to be running into these speed issues?

I have the same computer with "only" 128MB of RAM. Everybody tells me I am memory deficient :-( And I never load Classic because everything becomes even slower.

The .02 update took away 5 seconds from the load time! Loading a simple HTML viewer now only takes 23 seconds.

I have to agree, OS X is not useable. Even with this machine (see config. below) that was supposed to totally rock and roll with the SMP and advanced memory management I cannot work due to the overall lag in everything... And on top of that, ATI now says that the Rage series chips are not going to be supported in OS X.

So Great, Now What?

Config. Follows:

G4 450 DP/MP
448 MB RAM
30 GB HDD partitioned into:
5 GB OS X 10.0.1 + OS 9.1
5 GB OS 9.1
20 GB Documents and Files
OEM ATI Rage 128 Pro AGP
IX Micro Ultimate Rez PCI
OEM Adaptec 2930CU SCSI
Iomega Zip SCSI (External)
Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box Optical Pro Mouse
Palm USB to Serial Adapter
Apple Pro Keyboard
This is a repost from another thread.


I am now the proud owner of a 466Mhz G3 with 320MB RAM and 10GB hard drive. I would assume this would be enough to make X come alive. Nope.

Application load times have decreased slightly with the more RAM. Relaunch times have dramitically decreased.

I still haven't figured out why under 9.1 and Classic an application can lauch almost instantly while the same application in X can take up 30 seconds. What in the world is X thinking about when loading these things!

My strategy now, with more memory, is to keep as much as I can in memory and use mostly Classic apps.

I hope Apple figures out how to optimize X for systems like mine.


you may wanna login to root and use 'update_prebinding -root /' which should make loading up of some apps go faster...
Hey "ITz The MaN"

I have done this. If you search here for my posts (or it may have been on the or websites) you will find my history with that command. "Tragedy In X" would be an apt title for a column detailing my adventures...

In the meantime I am finishing up school (3 months 'till graduation) and need all the drive sectors I can get for rendering so I have wiped my OS X drive - affectionately called "Ecks" - to free up space. Perhaps after mission completed I will "X-periment" again.

Pun intended.
I have noticed deficiencies when I leave my CD burner on. Perhaps those with speed issues should investigate their SCSI chains.

I saw no increase in speed after that "optimization" by command or by the 0.2 update! I have no external devices attached besides the Airport card and powerbrick.

I do not believe the slow downs are a result of drive access because Classic apps open instantly and Movies play as smooth as silk. There has to be some kind of searching and/or linking that OSX apps have to do. I know Cocoa apps have dynamic linking but thirty seconds!

The binding optimization is supposed to, more or less, take the dynamic out of the dynamic linking.

I appreciate the suggestions.

I think the statement on ATI's support for RAGE-type products was misunderstood; here's their latest statement on RAGE type products and X:

ATI and Apple® have worked together to provide built-in 2D, 3D, and QuickTime™ acceleration support on OS X for all RADEON™, RAGE™ 128 PRO, and RAGE™ 128 based products (this includes RAGE™ ORION, NEXUS 128™, XCLAIM™ VR 128, RADEON™ MAC EDITION AGP and RADEON™ MAC EDITION PCI). It is not ATI’s intention to provide OS X support for RAGE™ PRO based products.

Taken from ATI's website at

So it appears that, if you have a fairly recent ATI card, you should be fine.

Hope that clears up any misunderstanding. :)