Stock drive won't take slave setting


Hi, all,

I'm installing the X beta on a G4/400 sawtooth. Stock drive is an apple 10G (Quantum Fireball Plus LM). Second drive is a DiamondMax 30G.

I want to put X on the 30 gig, but I have to set it to master. So I set the jumpers on the 30G to master, and on the 10G to slave and the 30G to master, however it still won't boot.

I followed the instructions on Quantum's homepage for jumper selection, but X will not boot if the drive is connected. It runs through the startup, but right before going to the desktop it goes into an infinite loop of the spinning CD. It will boot if I unplug the cable from the 10g (MacOS 9.1) drive.

So, my question is forked:
- Has anyone had any trouble using X beta with a slave drive connected, and/or
- Has anyone been successful in setting their Apple OEM drive to slave?