Stop complaining!!!!!


Apple seeder
Since i discovered this place ...everyone is shooting at Appletelling them they did everything Wrong ...examples?? iPod , iTunes2 the official release os X.... everyone complained and shoot what Apple should have done... guys stop complaining.. what do you want more than what they are trying to do??? is it soo hard to please you?
And if you all have great ideas.. why don't you ask Apple for a job??
Let them do what they are doing...cause they are doing it quite well i believe... iPod is the coolest MP3 player ever (and FW HD too :) ), iTunes 2 ... i believe is great....and the so named LAME equalizer (who ever did knows i am talking about him) wwell i think is just great... great....wanna pay for audion or other prog??? go ahead ... it 's a free world... but don t shoot at Apple for a free and i underline FREE product regarding X...well it was slow...but they fixed it ...and FREE too and now X is the best OS ever made... i am sure of them do their job...cause they know what they are doing :)

Apple ..... is a great company...

Apple you have my complete support :)

people like to bitch... and I like to bitch, too, I guess...

when people gather, what do they do... talk about how crappy their basketball team is... how crappy the economy is... how shitty it is to have terrorists run around...

and when a man goes home, sees his wife and ask "how was your day?" what does she do... well, I don't know... I'm not quite there yet... but anyway...

I personally enjoy reading people bitch about whatever. Of course, there're some things which has absolutely no point. Shit like "iPod sucks!" with nothing but personal view, no technical info, nothing, nada. But well, it's free country (hmm...on internet, does it matter?) and I guess you can say whatever... and on rare occasions, there're some info in the reply to the bitchings that's worth knowing.

and every now and then, when people bitch about some things... you see stuffs you didn't see before... and sometimes you find fix in the reply to the bitchings.

so, well, if you ask me... there really isn't a reason to stop the bitching...

of course, I do wish that all the posts are filled with helpful info... but that's not gonna happen.

and yes, it is hard to please people. and I personally think that's why people try to make whatever it is they're unsatisfied with better. of couse, if you're only bitching about what others do, then well, I guess you're only a bitch.

well, I'm done with my bitching for now... gotta get back to reading:(
Apple ..... is a great company...

Apple you have my complete support :)

I agree! :D

Everyone's needs and wants will always be different. There are things that I need X.1 to do that it quite can't yet. I have expressed those interests to Apple through their Feedback Form .

Constructive Feedback, Not Complaining. :)
This is a discussion forum. We're talking all things Apple - but mostly OS X and new applications for it.

Imagine what'd happen if people would NOT bitch about the stuff they don't like.

Apple gives out iTunes for free. Does that mean it does not need critics? No. The plan is to *make more money* - as ALWAYS! But that's not bad as an idea and a concept.

But what if Apple were to release free software that sometimes 'refreshes' your harddisk partitions? :) It's not free/shareware or opensource ware and there is no 'software provided as is and we know it's in beta'.

Apple has an image. They're developing stylish and powerful hard- and software. And if their products don't please its users, their image fades away faster than they can say 'iMac'.

That said: I'm a FAN of Apple and I like their products so far (since 1987, before I didn't know them). Some I did not like. Sometimes they seem to slow (I've waited a damn long time for a real operating system by Apple...). Sometimes too fast (Newton, I loved it...).

But hey, let's DISCUSS it on this board, that's what the board is here for.
It's BBenve... if you wanna bitch... do it right at least !!!!.. where did i hear something like that before??? oh wasn t it Monster INC. yea something similar :) welll...Pixar...and Apple... good duo.... anyway... no i am not Steeve Jobs.. i just like the company and i got enought of hearing complain for everything... complaining is fine.. but not always ..give those guys a break..