Strange dock behavior


I am completely new to unix etc. like i'm sure a lot of you are. I don't know if this normal behavior or not, but it seems quite odd to me. let me try to explain, perhaps someone can duplicate this and tell me if its weird. I have my dock positioned on the left, with an applications folder docked so that i can get to my apps easily. I also have the cpu monitor constantly running in the dock in expanded view. Now, when I bring up the sub menu for the apps folder, cpu monitor maxes out. I used the terminal/top command and noticed that dock goes from about 0% processor to 60% and stays there. However, it only stays at 60% while the mouse is on the popup menu. If I move the mouse back over the dock, with the menu still open, dock processing goes back to 0%. Also, of I continue to mouseover the open menu to a submenu, and move the mouse to the submenu, again the processor usage drops to 0%. Why would it be so incredibly different, if the menu is still open, simply depending on the location of the pointer? does it really require 60% of my processor to draw a black pointer over the menu? What is going on? Is this normal? I'm confused, I'm tired, and I'm going to sleep.
ok, i decided pictures would help, here you can see me with the menu open, and dock taking 50% of processor


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And next, where the only difference is that i have moved the mouse a few pixels over to the next menu.


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Yeah, I'll try to duplicate it as soon as my util goes back to zero. It's been at 100% for some time now while I (pointlessly) try to calculate pi to one million decimal places.

I tried it on my machine last night and it did not do what you describe. I did however notice that docked folders will only display the first 100 or so items and then show a ... has anyone else noticed this?