Strange Internet Problem


I brought my powerbook to work the other day and connected to their cable internet. When I tried typing a few familiar addresses into the address bar in safari, i was sent to different domains altogether.

For instance, when I tried getting to, i was instead directed to some uk flights site. When I typed other domains in without the .com, I am usually sent to the .com domain, but now if I tried newstoday, i was sent to and a number of other domains seemed to be 'hijacked.' But, no one else on the same network was having the same problem.

When I brought my computer home and reconnected to my network, the problem seemed to be gone.

Except, I noticed that the BBC news page is now missing the top red header bar completely. I put a screenshot here:

In addition, I noticed that on my own website, some javascript simply seemed to disappear from the source of my pages. The actual file has this code in it: <a href="Javascript:popUp('../itten_color_star/color_star.swf', 800, 600,'no')" class="link">Launch Project</a><br>

but, when I view the source, I just see:
<a >Launch Project</a>

I downloaded the page via ftp, and the source code was still in tact.

I thought it may have been just Safari screwing up, but FireFox has the same problem!

Any ideas on what the problem could be???

Thank you so much!!!
Was there a user and password field in all of those redirects? It could be that the connection is secured and you need a password and user name in order to have internet access.