Strange text formatting in Eclipse editor


Hi all,

I apologise in advance for opening a new thread, but I really don't know how to express this problem in proper language. I'll try to use a picture instead, hope it' s going to make it clear for you:

The lines are for some reason "pressed" together, looks like the line size is half of what it should be. I' ve spent pretty much time trying to fix this, so any help would be much appreciated!


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Is this only in Eclipse? (and not in other programs)

If it is only in Eclipse, try if its preferecense are corrupted. Shut down the application, and remove the preference file in ~/Library/Preferences/ the file name is typically xx.yy.programname.plist, where the first part is named after program makers, such as org.srouceforge, etc. Drag the plist of Eclipse to your desktop, and start the program again. If it is something that is only affecting this program, and only your user, it should cancel the odd formatting.


I also experienced the same problem with X11 several months ago. I then changed to terminal usage for some time, and later on the problem seemed to be fixed by itself.. X11 has been working just fine ever since.

Apart from that, it only happens in Eclipse.

I' ve tried the solution you propose but didn't work out (thanks though!)..