Streaming Video Vs. Dialup


I have tried every QT tweak (with alot of advice) and still cannot watch Steve Jobs ;) WWDC on Apple Events page. Is it impossible to do with dialup, is it hopeless or is there a workaround anybody knows?
Dial-up is really not fast enough for streaming video. Yes, with a lot of tweaking you might be able to hear what Steve is saying, with a break in sound every few ten seconds, and get a single choppy frame every minute. But quite simply, dial-up just can't carry enough data to meet the demands of video.
If you're that hard up to see it, you could always drop by your local Kinkos and rent a computer. You'll be paying by the minute though ($12/hr). A cyber-cafe near you might be another option. Or better yet, maybe the Apple Store if you have one close by...just don't go during a busy period.