stuck apache

David Devore

I have a new OSX at work, and in many ways for a long time PC guy it's like trying to push-start an automatic.

One of the many things that have happened, which I have found no cure for, is that after altering the apache httpd_conf file with a desire to enable php it is necessary to shut apache down and restart it. Even as root I could not find the traditional apachectl file to call and according to a tip from one of these groups it became apparent that one needed to turn off Web Sharing in System Preferences to shut down the server, and then, after a while, turn it back on.

I have turned it off. However it will not turn back on. It will START to turn back on but never finishes. I have given it up to 15 minutes to execute. I have shut down Preferences and tried again, even did that horror of horros called rebooting, just to see if some stack would clear.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks
I found apachectl in etc/sbin. command line usage yielded an intelligible error message regarding the http.conf file. apparently all the "Web Sharing" button does is run apachectl -start/-stop, with no feedback of course.

Have fun everyone.
Right. The Web Sharing button just does a command-line start/stop.

I had a similar problem not getting Apache to start up, and it had to do with Apache not liking the config file or something. That was a while ago.

Did you rebuild and reinstall Apache to get PHP support? You'd have to be careful about having multiple copies of Apache files and config files floating around.