Stupid Safari 2 Question


Am I blind, or has Safari limited the places you can save images downloaded from the web. Before upgrading to Tiger, I was able to right click and have the option of saving the image to any location on my computer.

Safari 2 only gives me the option to save images to the desktop.

Is there a preference I've missed, or is this just something they've taken out of this version all together?



Specs- X.4.2, Safari 2, 1.5 GB Ram, 80 GB storage.
Safari 1.3 or later: Save Image command in shortcut menu has been updated
When you Control-click (or right-click) an image in Safari 1.3 or later, you may notice that the "Save Image As" command in the shortcut menu has changed from previous versions of Safari.

Before Safari 1.3, when you chose Save Image As from the shortcut menu, you got a standard save dialog. In Safari 1.3 or later, the menu now includes a "Save Image" option that names your default download location in the menu. For example, the menu would say "Save Image to the Desktop" if you haven't specified a different default download location.

You can still access the "Save Image As" command if you want—just press the Option key after opening the menu.

Change the location in Safari's Preferences
Thanks for that bob, I hate the new Safari in that way. Glad to see, just annoyed I have to hold down the Option key :mad: