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It keeps popping up. I read the FIX below but I can't do it. I really use Safari but my husband still uses his favorites and explorer. ( I am using OSX.4.2) Either I don't see the "newspaper icon" or else what I do see doesn't get clicked on.(some look like an "at" symbol and the others look more like a folder than a newspaper--and are folders.

What am I missing? THANKS!


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Jul 1 2005, 3:11am

Dear Nick: I'm using an Apple PowerBook G4 Titanium, Mac OSX version 10.3.8, 512 MB SDRAM. I'm also going through a firewall and have Norton Auto-Protect installed. Frequently, when I open up Internet Explorer v 5.2 for Mac (and sometimes when I simply wake up from sleep mode), I get a pop-up box that says "Subscription monitor" and a horizontal thermometer with a series of former Web sites visited identified in the box. When the "subscriptions waiting to be checked" thermometer finishes, which takes anywhere from one to three minutes, the box disappears. It doesn't hamper the functions of the computer; it's just a nuisance, and most of the time the same Web site names pop up over and over and over. Can you tell me what's going on?

— Mark

Answer: This is, believe it or not, a "feature" of Internet Explorer that you not only agreed to but set up at some point! Lots of Web pages change only once a week, or maybe even once a month. Internet Explorer can check up on those sites and tell you when there's new stuff to read. When you bookmark a page, you can "subscribe" to it. Then, every once in a while (the schedule is settable), your Mac will go out to the Web pages to which you've subscribed to see if any of them has changed. Then it will notify you.

This is a great feature, but it's incredibly annoying. This is particularly true if you turned it on accidentally and every single bookmark in your system is subscribed to — you can testify to the fact that it can take a long time to check out potentially hundreds of Web sites.

Luckily, on the Mac, it's easy to turn it off. Click on "Favorites" in the menu. Any site to which you are subscribed will have a little newspaper icon next to it. Just click that icon to make it disappear, and you'll no longer be subscribed to that site. Lather, rinse, repeat until each of those icons is gone.

Internet Explorer may not be the best choice for browsing the Web. Safari is very nice, but my favorite is still Firefox. You can download a native OS X version, and you can even download one customized for your favorite language. You can access the download link to all the different versions of Firefox at

Hope this response helps you deal with the problem. Let me know if you have further questions.