success on beige g3!


Installation was a breeze! Didn't have any problems with my external scsi not being recognized. Seems to be working fine. Partitioned my internal 4 gig at 800 meg for os9, 1.5 gig for osx, and the rest for apps. Dual monitors are working, just like os9. Tried a couple of apps in "classic" mode and they're running fine also.

Seems a bit slow, although I expect that in beta releases. It's a lot like Windows, but with kikass gui.

Did I say that?

Gimme a couple of days and I'll report back on my exploration.
I think it says what ROM version you have on the inside your Mac. My ROM version is 'Rev B'. I just wondered whether you had noticed what version yours was at any time you had the lid off it. I'm just trying to work out what's stopping OSX from working on my machine.

Are you using a stock setup? Are you using the original CD-ROM? Did you add any hard drives or change jumpers?

Make sure you remove any third-party cards, such as SCSI cards, video, USB, ZIF upgrades, etc. Try to get your system down to the minimum.

Can you boot from the CD? Hold down the "c" key, and let go of it when you hear the bong.

It worked great for me (I *think* I have a Rev A beige G3), and I am running OS X fine.

Let us know.
I've added an extra HD and a voodoo 3 to my machine as well as overclocking the CPU to 300MHz. I've tried the installation without my voodoo card and without the extra HD. I've also partitioned the first drive appropriately. Hadn't thought of putting my CPU clock speed down again though. I'll try it and see.

(Already tried intalling by holding down the 'c' key at startup, I just get a Happy Mac icon and then a restart. This repeats until I release the 'c' key).
Make sure there isn't a monitor connected to the Voodoo3 card. I have a Rage128 installed and had to make sure it wasn't connected to a monitor. Aslo, I had to choose the initialize drive option on the install(on my first partition). It wouldn't let me install over MacOS 9.0.4. (I use another partition for Classic).