Success on G3/266 server and G4/450


No real problems on the G3/266 w/192MB Ram, although at times I can tell the CPU is cranking for all it's worth. Still, no crashes or other rude behavior so far.

Similar glitch-free install results on the G4/450 w/128MB Ram. Need to increase the RAM, though. The only problem so far there is that Virtual PC (Win98) isn't compatible with OSX. May ask Connectix about this later today.

Noticeable improvement in speed and responsiveness on the G4, which is what you'd expect.

I partitioned the G4's 20GB drive into three HFS+partitions: 2GB for OS9 as the first one; 2GB for OSX as the second, and 15.5GB for data, apps, etc. That way, I can just install over the OSX partition when the GM version comes out next spring.

Or summer. ;-)